The experienced groomers at "Style A Dog" can help your pet look and feel his or her best! 
A standard grooming session includes a bath, haircut, brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trim.
Grooming does more than keep your pet looking sharp because baths and brushing can prevent 
matting and skin problems. Grooming appointments can be scheduled during regular hospital hours.
We are Certified Groomers with many years of professional experience in Grooming all kinds of 
canine varieties.
Grooming appointments are on Tuesdays to Saturdays and mainly 9am to 5pm. 
Please Telephone Wakefield 01924 898204 for your appointment.

Grooming is much more than a fresh haircut. It’s a matter of health and hygiene.
Let "Style A Dog" care for your loved one in a way that will leave them feeling 
better than ever.

Whether your dog needs some scissor work or a lengthy dog bath we'll make sure its done in the right way.

We know dogs are individuals and we treat them that way.

The price we quote for the service you ask for at the time of the booking is the price you pay.

We dont add extra cost at the time of collection unless you have called to ask for added services before collection.

Have your dogs Mucky Paws and Claws - Nails Clipped and Dog Groomed at Style A Dog, Normanton, Wakefield dog salon.
Dog Grooming, Clipping, Micro chipping
and Anti shedding.
Over 20 years Pet Care Services
Dog Grooming in
Wakefield , Normanton,
Wakefield. WF6 1JG. Tel: 01924 898204.
Lowest prices around Wakefield, Castleford, Pontefract, Normanton, Altofts and West yorkshire.

This is a family business with the sole aim of offering a grooming service with the “personal” touch.
We are a professional, family run grooming salon dedicated to providing your family pet with
a first class "top-to-toe" makeover grooming session..
Whilst in our shop, our policy is to provide the
up-most care for your dog and provide an enjoyable
grooming session which will not cause stress or discomfort to your pet.
Dogs enjoy being brushed. Dog brushing, especially on heavy shedding breeds minimizes dog hair inside the house. It is the best way of maintaining the healthy condition and beautiful appearance of the coat. .. Book your dog in at Style A Dog Groomers and have your loved ones looking smart for those photos
Call 01924 898204 or for more info at Style-A-Dog Facebook





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